Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crutchfield machine offers new billet aluminum hog heads!

Attention light modified guys!
Crutchfield offers a new billet aluminum carrier for the Rockwell SQHD!

Billet High grade Alum. SQHD hog heads. Computer engineered and designed for the highest strength at the lightest weight. With improved oiling holes to the 
pinion bearings. Comes with a billet pinion bearing carrier with arp studs that is 7 lbs lighter than the stock steel pinion carrer. 
A total bare weight at 59lbs Thats 40lbs lighter than the stock steel Rockwell and its 6 lbs lighter than the cast Alum. housing.

PRICE = $3350

Will be available this week at the NFMS to view. If you are there and would like to look at one or place a order Please call me 336-451-0108


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