Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DeJongSpecial workshop news

The Twin Rover Meteor V12 powered Light Modified tractor called ,,DeJongSpecial´´ gets some changes at the moment. The tractor got a completely new Crossbox. The new Crossbox moved more forward and now sits on the back of the two Rover Meteor V12 tank engines. The Team hopes to get a better transmission and a better balance with those changes. Also, the Light Mod gets some better gears and better axle shafts in the rear axle. Last but not least, the two Rover Meteor V12 tank engines get some better and stronger connecting rod bolts. The Team from Alphen, in the Netherlands will compete in the Dutch Grand National Championship and in the Euro Cup this year.

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DeJongSpecial/238589636272756?fref=ts

or, check here: http://www.dejongspecial.nl/


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