Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Short review of the European Superpull 2015

On the 7th. of March 2015 it was time for the 37th European Superpull in Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL).
We have a short review of what happened at Ahoy 3 weeks ago.
The first class in the afternoon session was the Super Stock class. The class was won by Hendrik Svenningsen with his Alky MF called ,,Rabbit gone´ Wild´´ from Denmark. In runner up position was the reigning European Champion of 2014, Green Gangster Deere with Rowan Zeinstra in the hot seat and in 3rd place was the Ford called ,,Rabbit gone´ Mad´´ from Denmark. One of the spectacular moments in this class was the run of Cropshop Six Shooter from Netherlands, where the engine blew the intake manifold up and damaged also the hood of the Case IH.

The Truck Pulling class was won by Team van Vlastuin Agro and the Super Sport 4.5t class was won by the Case called ,,White Shadow´´ from the Netherlands. I was in the pits the most of the time  to take some pics while both classes made their runs on the track. So, I can't tell so much about those classes.
The last class of the afternoon session was the 3.5t Modified class. The class was won by Bas Liefting with Whispering Giant, in runner up position was Berrie Boer with his Double Screamin´and in 3rd place was the new Intertechno Lambada with Willem Dingerink behind the wheel. The Green Monster Team from Germany tested in this class a new home made supercharger on the front Allison engine of the Green Monster an . The first run with the new supercharger was well or for now and everything was intact after the pull. It showed some surge issues, but the team are hopeful to get those fixed in time for the outdoor season.

After a 2 1/2 h break, the evening session started with the Pro Stock class. The class was won by Rassmus Hoyen from Denmark with John Deere 2, a few cm behind him in 2nd was Jack Braspenning with his IH 1066 called ,,Hytec Red Neck" and the 3rd place went to the reigning European Champion of 2014, Kawe Runaway Deer with Wilco Broeks. Unbelievable bad luck in the finals had the Ford Pro Stock tractor called ,,Snoopy" from the Netherlands. The Dutch Champion of 2014 had

a great qualifying run (the rest of the field was 7m behind him), but it blew up its turbocharger in a big bang in the finals. The exhaust wheel made it through the shielding and steel hood, so there are more things to expect in regards of turbo shielding before the outdoor season.

The TWD class was won by the reigning European Champion Intertechno Predator, in runner up position was Sledge Hammer and in 3rd was XL from Sweden.

The Mini Rod class was a fight between the two brothers Wim Dingerink and Gert Dingerink. Wim Dingerink won the class with Hella Lambada 9. It was the last pull of the tractor in this design. The tractor will get  a new design and a new paint job after the event. A few meters behind him, was his brother Gert Dingerink with Gencom Lambada 8 in 2nd and the 3rd place went to Vampire with Kees Vreeman behind wheel.

The last class of the day was the Super Modified class and it was a close battle between some tractors. The Zwolle winner Green Fighter couldn´t  qualify for the finals so Enrico Vollerthun finished in 5th behind Alessandro Rocco with Four No Hemi from Italy. The  Pull Off was won by Wim Dingerink with his new Intertechno Lambada, in runner up position was the quad turbine tractor called ,,Rising Star´´ with Jan Bosman and in 3rd was Bas Liefting with Whispering Giant.

text & pictures: Kevin Trumpp

The results, check here: http://www.europeansuperpull.nl/en/results

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