Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The new The Challenger is ready !

The new The Challenger mini rod is ready. The mini rod got a new 42 CrMo04 tube frame. The driver´s position is more forward and the center of gravity is lower in the new frame. The Team hopes to get a better balance with the Cepek tyres with those changes.  Also, the tractor got a newly constructed and lighter rear axle, new drive shafts, a newly constructed planetary gearbox behind the engine and a new 2 discs clutch. The Rover Meteor V12 tank engine was revised and got a new DMPE 18-71 blower with a carbon scoop and a new fuel tank. The engine is 6,5cm more forward, than in the old chassis. The new fenders are made from carbon fiber. The Team from Goudswaard, in the Netherlands will compete in the Dutch Grand National Championship this year.

for further information, check here: nl-nl.facebook.com/pages/Pulling-Team-The-Challenger/306697132718160

or, check here: http://www.thechallenger.nl/

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