Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Changes at the Outlaw

The Continental V12 powered Light Modified from Füchtorf in Germany got some changes during the last winter. The chassis got a new front end and a set smaller new tires with aluminum rims. The chassis is now a bit lower on the front end with those changes.
The engine was taken apart to every single part in the last months. Some rods, pistons, wrist pins and other parts were replaced by new or used ones in good condition. The complete oil system was modified and rebuilt, including a new pump. Also, the injection system gets some changes and new possibilities to make a good setup. Also, the ignition timing will be changed a bit.
The twin turbo engine got a complete new intake manifold with new throttle bodies in a different constellation than before. The Team hopes to get a better air flow in the new intake manifold with those changes.
Not all work is done by now, but they work hard to get it on track soon with their new trailer.
It's planned to compete in the German Championship in the Light Modified and Modified class this year.

for further information and pics, check here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Outlaw-Pulling-Team/753598957991901?fref=photo

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