Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fenrir makes the step into Super Modified class

The Nordic Tractor Pulling Team from Skjern, in Denmark makes the step into the Super Modified class with their Modified tractor called ,,Fenrir´´. After a season in the Light Modified class with two Hemi´s, the Team has decided to drive also in the Super Modified class, this year. The tractor got a new SCS Crossbox for 4 engines and a new SCS reverser. Also, the engines got a few changes. All BAE V8 Hemi engines got new Veney cylinder heads and the engines were rebuilt to dry sump lubrication.
The Team will compete in the Danish Championship (Light Mod & Super Mod division) and in the Euro Cup (Light Mod & Super Mod division) this year.
The first start is planned for the 3rd of May 2015 at the Euro Cup opener in Brande, Denmark with those changes.

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