Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First pics and news of the new Wicked Screamer

The Screamin´ Bobcat Team from Ijsselmuiden, in the Netherlands are building a new tractor for the Light Modified class at the moment. The new Wicked Screamer gets a new Domex wedge frame and a new constructed ROP. The parts for the Domex wedge frame were laser cut and bent by Tosec in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The drivers position is more forward and the center of gravety is lower, than on his big brother called ,,Double Screamin´´. Also, the new front tyres are a little bit bigger. The Team hopes to get a better balance on the new Light Mod with those changes. The tractor will have 2 BAE V8 Hemi engines with SSI 14-71 blower, Veney cylinder heads, MSD 44 Pro Mag ignitions, Enderle scoops and a Sassy fuel system on both engines. The both tanks on the Hemi engines are for the dry sump lubrication. The new methanol fuel tank sits on the front end of the frame. The new rear axle is homemade with Humpco parts and the new crossbox was constructed/designed by Bennie Vreemann (Vreemann Special Parts). The new crossbox was milled by Breman Machinery in the Netherlands. The new Carbon Fiber fenders of the tractor will made by the Rocket Science Pulling Team . The new Light Mod gets a set of new Northern Sheen rims with Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres. The Screamin Bobcat Team will compete with their new Wicked Screamer in the Dutch Grand National Championship and in the Euro Cup this year.
The first start of the the new Light Mod is planned for the 23rd of May 2015 at the Dutch Grand National Championship opener in Stroe, the Netherlands.

for further information and pics, check here: https://www.facebook.com/screaminbobcat

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