Thursday, April 30, 2015

The new Hot Head

After a 1 year absence, the new Hot Head mini rod is ready. The new mini rod is blown by a KB V8 Hemi engine on methanol. The team bought the engine from Scott Tedder last year. The engine has a 14-71 Littlefield blower with a carbon scoop, a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition, a data logger, a Veney fuel system and Veney cylinder heads. The engine was used before in a Top Fuel Dragster.
The tractor got a new 42CrMo4 tube frame with a newly constructed rear axle. The ROP and the driver´s position on the mini rod is more forward and center of gravety is lower. The Team hopes to get a better balance with the Pioneer Puller tyres (new name of the Cepek tyres) with those changes. The new fenders are made from carbon fiber. The gearbox of the mini rod, comes from the Lambada 8. Also, the tractor got a new paint job and the fenders / fuel tank gets a new design (wasn´t ready for Füchtorf).
The Hot Head Pulling Team from Ostbevern in Germany, will be compete in the German Championship this year.

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