Thursday, June 04, 2015

Changes at Lady Green

The dutch John Deere Pro Stock tractor called ,,Lady Green´´ from Sprundel got some changes during the last winter. The 6 cylinder John Deere engine got a few adjustments, a new Racepak data logger and the fuel system of the engine was revised together with their sponsor Van der Steeg Dieseltechniek from the Netherlands. Also, the tractor got a set of new Puller 2000 HP Pro Stock tyres. But, after the first run in Füchtorf (D) with those tyres, the Team is seriously at consider to build a new Component Pro Stock tractor for the 2016 season. The Team thinks, the tractor with the old chassis is too light on the front end and the balance with those new Puller 2000 HP isn't so well.
The Lady Green Pulling Team will compete in the Dutch Grand National Championship and in the Euro Cup this year.

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