Thursday, June 04, 2015

The new Red Hurricane

After a 2 years absence, Julian Kröger from Schleswig Holstein, in Germany is back on the track with his new IH 3.6t Super Sport tractor called ,,Red Hurricane´´. The new Super Sport tractor got a homemade frame with a IH 1046 hood and a homemade ROP. The tractor is powered by a 6 cylinder IH 358 engine with 6l capacity and has a Holset HX 60 turbocharger with a 13mm Bosch P diesel fuel pump. The gearbox of the Red Hurricane has 4 gears and comes from the 3.6t Super Sport tractor called ,,Red Bunny´´ from the Netherlands. And last but not least, the design and the paintjob are homemade.
Julian Kröger will compete with his new Red Hurricane in the German Championship this year.

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