Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New 3.6t Super Sport Tractor in Germany

The Old School Deere Pulling Team around Matthias Hoffmann from Wertherbruch in Germany are building on a new John Deere for the 3.6t Super Sport class at the moment. The German Team purchase for their new project the old Pro Stock Tractor called ,,Rage Hart´´ (without the engine, hood and the rear tyres) from Matthias Schedlinski, 2 years ago. The Team will use for their new Super Sport Tractor the old ROP, the gearbox and the rearend. the old wedge frame of the Tractor will be replace by a new constructed homemade Domex wedge frame. The new Tractor gets a John Deere 4020 hood, a 3 gear John Deere 4320 gearbox with a needle bearings differential from Ron Perry and a new brake system with brake discs. The JD 4320 gearbox come also from the the old Rage Hart Pro Stock Tractor.
The new Super Sport Tractor will have a JD 6404 engine with 7.0l capacity, a JD stock cylinder head, a homemade intake and exhaust system, a stock crankshaft and Iveco pistons. Which fuel pump, turbocharger, rods and Intercooler the tractor receives, isn´t sure at the moment. Last but not least, the Tractor gets a set of homemade rims with Michelin 650/65 38 tyres.
The Old School Deere Pulling Team will compete in the German Championship. The first start of the new 3.6t Super Sport class Tractor is planned for the end of the 2016 season.

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/Old-School-Deere-Farm-Pulling-Projekt-1020532191306791/?fref=ts

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