Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Pics and news of the new Neo

The Neo & Trinity Pulling Team from France are building on a new Light Modified Tractor at the moment. After a lot of years in the 3.5t Modifed class, the French Team has decided to make a switch into the Light Modified class this year. The new Light Mod gets a new homemade wedge frame with a new homemade ROP. Also the Tractor gets a ZF rear axle with Mercedes planetaries, a Crower clutch and a Kepply gearbox. The Team purchase a set of used Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres with rims for their new Light Mod project. The new Light Mod will have the same RR Griffon V12 engine on petrol fuel as they have used on the old Tractor in 2014.
The first start of the new Neo Light Modified Tractor is planned for 2017.

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