Wednesday, March 02, 2016

First pics and news of the new Blown Madness 2.5

Jan Patrick Mikossek owner and driver of the 600kg Compact Diesel tractor called ,,Screamin´ International´´ from Neumünster in Germany is currently building on a new Tractor for the 500kg Modified class. The new 500kg Mod Tractor gets a homemade tube frame with a homemade ROP, a Suzuki SJ 413 rear axle and a set of new Douglas rims with Pioneer Giant Puller tyres. The new homemade fenders were made from Dibond. The new project received a Mercedes W114 - 8 gearbox and a new Quarter Master 5,5´´ clutch with 2 discs.
The new Mod will have a homemade 1 cylinder Continental engine on methanol with a Eaton M62 blower from a Mercedes - Benz CLK 230, a Mallory Super Mag 3 ignition, a Hillborn / Waterman fuel injection system, a homemade fuel tank and a homemade intake an exhaust system. The engine block of the engine is homemade, liner, rod, piston and the crankshaft come from a Continental V12 AVI 1790-8 engine. The 1 cylinder engine has a capacitiy of 2.445 l.
Jan Patrick Mikossek will compete with his new Mod called ,,Blown Madness 2.5´´ in German Championship this year. The first start of the new 500kg Garden Puller Mod is planned for the 23rd of April 2016 in Füchtorf, Germany.

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