Monday, April 18, 2016

Isotov 2 is back as Grautvornix

After almost a 6 years absence, the twin Isotov TV3 Helicopter turbine powered Light Modified Tractor called ,,Isotov 2´´ of Günter Bals from Rheda - Wiedenbrück in Germany is back on the track under the new name called ,,Grautvornix´´.
The tube frame of the Tractor was repaired after the crash landing on the Euro Cup Event in Zele, Belgium in 2010. The frame was also a little bit improved and the weight holders for the 3.5t Mod class were removed during the repairing work. Also the Tractor received new lighter homemade Aluminium fenders. The rear set of  Goodyear tyres with the polished rims are the same as they used on the old Isotov 2 Tractor, 6 years ago. The Crossbox of the Light Mod got some new lighter special made gears. The new gears for the Crossbox were made by Höner Technic in Oelde-Lette, Germany. All in all, the Team saved around 160kg on the Tractor with those changes. Last but not least, the Tractor received a new paint job. The Grautvornix Pulling Team will compete in German Championship (Light Mod division) this year.

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