Monday, April 18, 2016

The new Bobcat Jr.

From Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands, the Screamin Bobcat Pulling Team have built a new Bobcat Jr. during the last winter. The new Bobcat Jr. Mini Rod got a new homemade tube frame with a homemade ROP. The new tube frame was constructed on the Computer (CAD) by Berrie Boer. The new frame was improved, is lighter and the driver´s position is a little bit lower than on the old frame of the Bobcat Jr.. The Team hopes to get a better balance with those changes.
All the other sheet metal parts for the chassis were made by Tosec in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The new Tractor got a new 8 inch clutch with a Browell clutch bell housing, a  Ford 9´´ inch rear axle and a new 2 - speed gearbox from Vreeman Special Products (Bennie Vreeman). The new Carbon fenders were made by Gertie Leusink (Komeco Simply Irresistible Team) from Dronten in the Netherlands. The new methanol fuel tank and the new oil tank for the dry sump lubrication are homemade. The paint job and the new design of the Bobcat Jr. were made by Kooiker BV. in Zwolle, the Netherlands.
Also, the Tractor gets a set of new rims with Pioneer Mini Rod tyres.
The Mini Rod will have the same BAE V8 Hemi engine as they uses last year. But the engine receives currently some changes by Sassy Racing Engines in Weare, New Hampshire, USA. The BAE engine block will bored up to 572 cui and the Sassy Fuel system get a few adjustments, to make it work better. The Screamin Bobcat Pulling Team will compete with their new Mini Rod in the Lucas Oil PPL (Silver Series) Championship and on some NTPA Super / Grand National events in the USA this year. The first start of the Bobcat Jr. is planned for the 28th of May 2016 at the NTPA GN round in Benson (Galot Motorsport Park), North Carolina, USA.
The new Bobcat Jr. is now underway in a Container with a spare tube frame, a new tube frame for the Honkin´ Donkey Pulling Team and a lot of other different parts to the US.

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