Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Workshop news Kaiser Pulling Team

The Tractor Pulling Team Kaiser from Gussenstadt in Germany are currently working on their John Deere Super Stock Tractor called ,,Best Solution´´.The John Deere received a new gearbox and a new rear axle during the last winter. The gearbox and rear axle come from their old John Deere Super Stock Tractor called ,,Second Chance´´. The new gearbox has a faster gear ratio and the rear axle has a better differential and stronger brake cylinders. The Team saved around 40kg on the rearend with those changes. Also the 6 cylinder John Deere engine of the Super Stock Tractor will be optimized at the moment. The old datalogger system of the engine will replaced by a new Racepak datalogger system.
The Tractor Pulling Team Kaiser will compete with their Best Solution in German Championship this year.
The first start with those changes is planned for the 24th of April 2016 in Füchtorf, Germany. 

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