Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Changes at Raging Green

The Deutz 13006 special Sport Class Tractor called ,,Raging Green´´ of the Waffenschmiede Neerpont from Geldern in Germany got some changes during the last winter. After the gearbox damage in Sonsbeck last year, the Deutz received a new better gearbox with a quicker gear ratio, new clutch coverings and a new protection liner inside the clutch bell housing. The 6 cylinder Deutz engine of the Tractor was completely assembled and checked. The camshaft of the cylinder head was revised and got some new stronger valve springs. Since July 2015, the Raging Green drives with a bigger Intercooler from Freakshow Performance and a Bosch P diesel fuel pump with 16mm elements. The Team also working on a Holset HX 60 turbocharger with an new air intake funnel for the engine at the moment, because of the two broken Holset HX 50 turbochargers.
Last but not least, the Sport Class Tractor got a set of new cut Michelin tyres.
The Team will compete with their Deutz Sport Class Tractor in the German Championship (3.5t Sport Class and 4.5t Sport Class) this year.

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