Friday, May 27, 2016

Changes on Builders Toy

The IH 3.6t Super Sport Tractor called ,,Builders Toy´´ from the Netherlands got some changes during the last winter. The Tractor received a new homemade wedge frame with a new homemade IH aluminium hood. The battery and the fuel tank sits in front of the frame now. The Dutch Team hopes to get a better balance with those changes.
Also the engine got some changes under hood. The 6 cylinder IH engine received some new homemade rods, a newly improved pump frame for the fuel pump, a new homemade air - water Intercooler with a new intake manifold, new camshafts and new injectors. The Team is happy with the engine settings and the first passes so far this year. After the last Dutch Championship round in Stroe, the Netherlands, the Tractor got a set of new steel rims with cut Michelin tyres.
The Builders Toy Pulling Team will compete in the Dutch Championship this year.

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