Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The new Green Monster Stage 5 Mitas Edition

After a lot of hard work during the last couple of months and weeks, the new 2.5t / 5500 lbs. Light Modified Tractor called ,,Green Monster Stage 5 Mitas Edition´´ of the Green Monster Team from Füchtorf in Germany is ready. The first considerations to build a twin Allison Tractor for the Light Mod class came in August / September 2013. After more than 2 years of planning on the CAD program, the GM Team started with the building of the new project in mid January this year. Most of the construction work on the Computer was done by Drik Wessel (chief constructor and driver of the new Green Monster Stage 5) and Christoph Schloer (the engineer of the Team and developer of the Frankenstein blower).  

The new Light Mod got a homemade 25CrMo04 tube frame with a homemade Rollcage (ROP), a hydraulic steering and a homemade rear axle housing. The driver's position on the new frame is more forward and the center of gravety is lower than on his old brother called ,,Green Monster Stage 4´´. The Team hope to get a good balance with those changes. Also different to the old one, the engines sit side by side on the new tractor now. The rear axle has a SQHD center section with Humpco parts, new lighter homemade aluminium planetary carrier housing with newly constructed planetaries, a homemade aluminum differential and new Brembo brakes. The vehicle also received a newly constructed crossbox, a new reverser and a completely new drivetrain. The calculations for the new crossbox were made by Bennie Vreeman (Vreeman Special Products) from the Netherlands together with the GM Team. The aluminum housing for the Crossbox was CNC milled by Hermesmeyer & Greweling in Harsewinkel, Germany.
The ring and pinion gear, the planetaries, the gears for the reverser and the crossbox were made by Höner Technic in Oelde-Lette, Germany. Both engines on the tractor got a Molinari 11´´ inch centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and a aluminium clutch bell housing from Trick Titanium. The Trick Titanium clutch bell housing has a titanium liner in it.
The new carbon fiber fenders for the new project were made by the Rocket Science Pulling Team from Weert, in the Netherlands. The stickers and the design on the fenders were made by their main sponsor Claas from Harsewinkel, Germany. The Light Mod got a set of new Northern Sheen aluminium rims from Canada with new Mitas Powerpull 30,5L - 32 tyres. The new Mitas tyres were cut by Steen Dam from Videbaek in Denmark.
The new Green Monster Stage 5 Mitas Edition is powered by 2 Allison V12 V1710 Aircraft engines on methanol. Both Allison engines received a new homemade aluminium intake system with homemade air intake funnels, a EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system with a Waterman methanol fuel pump, revised cylinder heads, lighter crankshafts, homemade Toolox rods with special made Arias pistons, a homemade "Frankenstein" blower Evo 2.0 with a homemade beltdrive and a Aviad oil pump. The fuel tanks for the methanol and the oil tanks for the dry sump lubrication sit on the site of the engines. Because of the weight, the cylinder banks were milled down, the water jacket removed and the spark plugs exempted. Each Allison V1710 engine should make around 2800-2900 HP. 
The GM Team will compete in the German Championship and in the Euro Cup with their new Green Monster Stage 5 Mitas Edition this year.

The Green Monster Team would also like to give a big thanks to all the sponsors for the great support and also to the Screamin Bobcat Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands for the parts sourcing !

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