Friday, July 29, 2016

Mitas Green Monster ready for Brande!

After quite some repair and redesign work after Füchtorf, the new Mitas Green Monster is ready for the Euro Cup event in Brande/DK!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This Week / Weekend !

New bigger engine for Blue Thunder

The Blue Thunder Pulling Team from Tonden in the Netherlands switched after 1 year in the Light Super Stock class into the Super Stock class in the beginning of the 2016 season. The New Holland T 7 270 Super Stock Tractor received a new Humco rearend and a set of new Keizer rims with new Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres after the Indoor Pull in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Since the Beach Pull in Putten, the Netherlands the small 6 cylinder Ford Powerstar engine of the former Light Super Stock was replaced by a new bigger engine. The Tractor got a new 6 cylinder Cummins engine with 10.5l capacity. The Cummins has a billet VSP (Veldhuizen Special Product) aluminium cylinder head with a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, 4 billet Holset HX 82 turbocharger, a billet crankshaft from VSP, billet aluminium pistons and rods, a water injection system, a MSD 8 Dual Coil ignition, a Racepack datalogger and a VSP methanol injection system.
The Dutch Team is with the first passes happy so far. The Blue Thunder Team compete with their Super Stock Tractor in the Dutch Grand National Championship this year.

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New look for Takes a Lickin´

From Golden Gate, Illinois in the USA, the Multi blown V8 Hemi Mod called ,,Takes a Lickin´ ´´ of the Steve Bunnage Motorsport Team got a new look before the NTPA GN Round in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. The Team brought RTIC Coolers on as a 4-hook deal where they will serve as the primary sponsor for Chapel Hill (x2), Goshen, and Evansville. RTIC Coolers is a leading direct to consumer retailer of premium rotomolded coolers with headquarters in Houston, Texas. The Steve Bunnage Motorsport Team compete in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified class) and on some NTPA GN events this year.

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New tyres on Final Destination

The Light Mod Tractor called ,,Final Destination´´ of Karl Helmbrecht from Bavaria in Germany received some changes during the last winter. The Tractor got a set of new Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres. The new Puller 2000 HP tyres were purchased by and cut by Steen Dam in Videbaek, Denmark.
The turbocharged Transmash V12 engine received also some changes. The Injection pump of the engine was modified, all rods were checked and 1 bent rod and 2 damaged rod bearings were replaced by new ones.
The Final Destination Team compete in the German Championship and on some Pulling events in Austria.

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NTPA GN Chapel Hill, TN (USA) 2016 Session 1:

NTPA GN Chapel Hill, TN (USA) 2016 Session 2:

NTPA GN Ionia, MI (USA) 2016 Session 1:

NTPA GN Ionia, MI (USA) 2016 Session 2:

Aagtekerke (NL) 2016:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Weekend !

The new Midnight Deere

After a lot of work during the last few weeks, the new John Deere Super Stock Tractor called ,,Midnight Deere´´ of Marcus and Benjamin Carle from Neuenstein in Germany is done. The John Deere got a new wedge frame with a new homemade Rollcage (ROP), a JD 4440 hood, JD 4440 fenders, a JD 4010 gearbox with special made gears from GMS (Genes Machine Shop) in Hamilton, Ohio (USA), a Kaiser Performance liner in the clutch bellhousing, a JD 4010 rearend, a new brake system and a Kaiser Performance clutch with 3 discs.
The paintjob on the tractor was done by Bjoern Guse from Forchtenberg in Germany. The design and the stickers for the hood were made by Steffen Schaab ( from Selent in Germany.
The Tractor received a set of used rims with Firestone All Traction 23 10Ply Pro Stock tyres.
The Super Stock is powered by an 6 cylinder John Deere 6076 engine with 7.6l capacity on methanol. The engine has a used revised Indy alumnium cylinderhead of the first Magkal Bits n Pieces from the Netherlands, a intake and exhaust manifold of the old Magkal Bits n Pieces, 2 Holset HX 80 turbocharger, Koebrugge rods and Wahl forged pistons, a JD 6076 crankshaft from GMS, a MSD 8 ignition, the old datalogger of the Best Solution and a VSP (Veldhuizen Special Product) methanol injection system.
The Midnight Deere Pulling Team will compete with their new Super Stock in German Championship.

The Midnight Deere Pulling Team would also like to give a big thanks to Kaiser Performance, Willem Veldhuizen (Veldhuizen Special Product), Steffen Schaab, Herman Weber and Björn Guse !

first run of the new Midnight Deere in Edewecht, Germany with Willem Veldhuizen in the hot seat

Midnight Deere workshop 26.6.2016
Midnight Deere workshop 14.7.2016