Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Schizos Pulling-Pics: European Championships 2016 Great Eccleston (GB))

With many thanks to the Iwan Pulling Team!

EC 2016 Great Eccleston
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My pictures on your Homepage? No Problem! All pictures are also available in a higher resolution! just mailto: pullingpics@web.de Diese Photos für Ihre Homepage? Kein Problem! Alle Photos sind auch in höherer Auflösung verfügbar! e-Mail an: pullingpics@web.de

EC Great Ecclestone Team Lambada - Crashes, Fire, Damage

Monday, August 29, 2016

Tractor-Pullingcalendar for 2017 now available - by Jan Lo --janwerners Pulling-Bilder--

Like the last years, we're afford again an Tractor-Pullingcalendar for the next year!
The size of the calendar is DIN A3 horizontal format (take a look on the examplepictures)

Price: 15€ each calendar - by shipping +5€ for pakaging and shipping.

You can order your "janwerners Pulling-Bilder Tractor-Pullingcalendar 2017" via personal message or via mail to: janloo1407@gmail.com

These photos will be in the calendar:

Coverpicture: Best Solution (D
January: Dieselross (B)
February: Fenrir (DK)
March: Agrifac Interaction 2.0 (NL)
April: Green Monster Stage V Mitas Edition (D)
May: Neighbours Nightmare (NL)
June: Reny Mission Impossible (NL)
July: Track Pointer Blue Thunder (NL)
August: BMO Rocket Science (NL)
September: One Trick Pony (GB)
October: Blower Power (N)
November: Best Solution (D)
December: The Judge (NL)

European Champions 2016

2.6t TWD: Linda Jonkman - CL Coatings No Illusion (NL)

3.5t Pro Stock: Michael Galsgaard - John Deere 2 (DK)

0.95t Modified Minis: Erik van Asselt -The Riddle (NL)

3.5t Modified: Daniel Frische - Green Monster (D)

2.5t Light Modified: Berrie Boer - Double Screamin' (NL)

3.5t Super Stocks: Henrik Svenningsen - Rabbit G'n Mad (DK)

4.2t Heavy Modified - Søren Jacobsen - Fenrir (DK)

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My pictures on your Homepage? No Problem! All pictures are also available in a higher resolution! just mailto: pullingpics@web.de Diese Photos für Ihre Homepage? Kein Problem! Alle Photos sind auch in höherer Auflösung verfügbar! e-Mail an: pullingpics@web.de

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tractorpulling TV HD and Hydrohid co-operation - Meerkerk 2016

For once I was asked to film the Farmstock Pull in Meerkerk last saturday in name of Tractorpulling TV 'TPMoviechannel'! Here the results!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This Week / Weekend !




New Mini Rod of the Boyd Family

From Washington, Indiana, in the USA, the Green Streak Pulling Team have built a new Mini Rod Tractor during last few months. The Team around Greg and Steve Boyd have purchased the new Bobcat Jr. spare chassis of the Screamin´ Bobcat Pulling Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands. In the package of the Chassis were also included the Vreemann Ford 9´´ inch rear axle, the drivers seat and the carbon fiber fenders. The Team bought for their Tractor also a new reverser and a new drivetrain from Vreemann Special Parts (Bennie Vreemann) in the Netherlands and a set of new rims with Pioneer Mini Rod tyres. The Vehicle also got a new paintjob and a new look. The new Green Streak Mini Rod is powered by a Sassy Racing V8 Hemi engine. The engine has a Mike Janis blower with a Mike Janis aluminium scoop injector, a BAE aluminium engine block, BAE Fatheads cylinder heads, aluminum pistons and rods, Dan Olson exhaust pipes, a Sassy Racing fuel system, a methanol fuel tank and oil tank from the Screamin´ Bobcat Team, a dry sump lubrication, a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition and a Racepack datalogger.
The Green Streak Pulling Team compete with their new Mini Rod called ,,Lucas Oil Green Streak´´ in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (Silver Series) this year.

for further information, check here: http://greenstreakpulling.com/

or check here: https://www.facebook.com/Green-Streak-Pulling-Team-104517766422/

First Compact Methanol in Europe

The Red Angel Pulling Team around Niek van Dam and Naomi de Pijper (daughter of European Maid Super Stock driver Bram de Pijper) from Vierpolders in the Netherlands have built the first Compact Methanol Pulling Tractor in Europe. The Team started with the building of the new Tractor 3 years ago in 2013. The Tractor got a new wedge frame with a IH 3688 aluminium hood, a Opel rear axle with planetaries, a set of new Real rims with Dick Cepek Giant Puller tyres, a Volvo gearbox and a 8´´ inch clutch with 1 disc from Van der Waal Pulling Parts. The Rollcage (ROP) and the IH hood of the Tractor was built by Jaap Struijk and bought by Jan van Putten (Risk Pulling Team) from the Netherlands. The other parts like the rear axle, the frame and the gearbox were purchased by Leander van der Geest (Red Devil) from Warmond in the Netherlands.
The Compact Methanol is powered by an 4 cylinder VW Golf 3 engine with 2.0l capacity on methanol.  The engine got a revised stock cylinder head with a homemade intake manifold, a Holset HX 40 turbocharger, a homemade exhaust system, stock rods and pistons, a used MSD 8 Plus ignition from Rob van der Waal, a used Enderle fuel pump from Jan Luijendijk (Sledge Hammer Pulling Team) and a fuel system from Van der Waal Pulling Parts. The new Red Angel was built according to the Compact Diesel regulations, but runs on methanol. The Team compete out of scoring in the Compact Diesel class in the Dutch Championship this year and hopes for more Compact Methanol Tractors and a own class in the future.

The Red Angel Pulling Team would also like to give a big thanks to Rob van der Waal (Van der Waal Pulling Parts), Bram and Joey de Pijper (European Maid Pulling Team), Jaap Struijk and Jan van Putten (Risk Pulling Team) !

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/redangelteam/?ref=page_internal 

or, check here: http://europeanmaid.nl/



NTPA GN Bowling Green, OH (USA) 2016 Session 1: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-BGrnOH-01.htm

NTPA GN Bowling Green, OH (USA) 2016 Session 2: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-BGrnOH-02.htm

NTPA GN Bowling Green, OH (USA) 2016 Session 3: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-BGrnOH-03.htm

NTPA GN Bowling Green, OH (USA) 2016 Session 4: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-BGrnOH-04.htm

NTPA GN Bowling Green, OH (USA) 2016 Session 5: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-BGrnOH-05.htm

NTPA GN Bowling Green, OH (USA) 2016 Session 6: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-BGrnOH-06.htm

PPL Hamburg, NY (USA) August 18, 2016: http://www.propulling.com/results/event-results/champions-tour-event-results/56-results/2016-results/2016-results-champions-tour/728-2016-results-august-18-hamburg-ny

PPL Hamburg, NY (USA) August 19, 2016: http://www.propulling.com/results/event-results/champions-tour-event-results/56-results/2016-results/2016-results-champions-tour/729-2016-results-august-19-hamburg-ny

Outlaw Wisner, NE (USA) 2016 Friday Night: https://www.powerandnoisephoto.com/results/viewresults.php?event=489

Outlaw Wisner, NE (USA) 2016 Saturday Afternoon: https://www.powerandnoisephoto.com/results/viewresults.php?event=490

Outlaw Wisner, NE (USA) 2016 Saturday Night: https://www.powerandnoisephoto.com/results/viewresults.php?event=492

Jolanda di Savoia (I) 2016: http://www.tractorpullingmania.it/news.asp?id=558

Bryne (N) 2016: http://www.tracteurpullingliste.fr/index.php/resultats/2016/340-bryne2016-3