Monday, August 29, 2016

Tractor-Pullingcalendar for 2017 now available - by Jan Lo --janwerners Pulling-Bilder--

Like the last years, we're afford again an Tractor-Pullingcalendar for the next year!
The size of the calendar is DIN A3 horizontal format (take a look on the examplepictures)

Price: 15€ each calendar - by shipping +5€ for pakaging and shipping.

You can order your "janwerners Pulling-Bilder Tractor-Pullingcalendar 2017" via personal message or via mail to:

These photos will be in the calendar:

Coverpicture: Best Solution (D
January: Dieselross (B)
February: Fenrir (DK)
March: Agrifac Interaction 2.0 (NL)
April: Green Monster Stage V Mitas Edition (D)
May: Neighbours Nightmare (NL)
June: Reny Mission Impossible (NL)
July: Track Pointer Blue Thunder (NL)
August: BMO Rocket Science (NL)
September: One Trick Pony (GB)
October: Blower Power (N)
November: Best Solution (D)
December: The Judge (NL)

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