Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2nd place for Bobcat Jr. in the Super Finals of Bowling Green

The Screamin´ Bobcat Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands have made a 2nd place with their Mini Rod Tractor called ,,Bobcat Jr.´´ in the Super Finals of the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. After a 4th place in the first session and a great 1st place in the second session of the Mini Rod class, Berrie Boer was qualified for the Super Finals in Bowling Green on Sunday, together with Steve Boyd (Green Streak), Adam Koester (Walk the Line), Larry Koester (Footloose) and Jason Hathaway (Honkin´ Donkey Red).The biggest surprise was the last year Bowling Green Ring Winner Adam Bauer (Iron Toy & Cowboy Up). The Man from Paton, Iowa couldn´t qualify for the big finals on Sunday with his both Mini Rods.
In the finals on Sunday, Berrie Boer was the last competitor in the Mini Rod division. Berrie made with his Bobcat Jr. a very good start, but short before the leading distance (set by Adam Koester with Walk the Line) the gear jumped out of his reverser and all his chances of the win were gone. But the distance of 336.345 feet were enough for the 2nd place in the end. The Bowling Green Ring Winner 2016 was Adam Koester with his Mini Rod called ,,Walk the Line´´ and a distance of 337.085 feet.

Before I forget it, Helma Boer also has made some nice videos of all 3 Mini Rod Sessions in Bowling Green, check here:

further information, check here:

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