Tuesday, September 06, 2016

News from the ETPC

There has been a lot of misinformation put around regarding the exclusion of the 4 tractors at the EC2016 at Great Eccleston this last weekend.
We as ETPC feel that due to the sensitivity of this subject that a full statement is issued relating to the rule regarding cylinder heads in the Prostock class.
Please read the attached statement and ALL the supporting information so that you are then well informed on the complete picture regarding the challenges made to the intended 'ethos' of the Prostock class regarding the use of 'production stock' parts.
This topic did not start one week before the EC2016, it started back in June 2015 and various amendments to the same rule (not a new rule as has been quoted) under 'clarification of meaning' have been made.
ETPC will always work towards enforcing the rules as currently written, without exception, to ensure a fair competition for all teams and tractors. If tractors fall outside of the current rules and cannot prove the legality of the tractor according to the rules then suspension or exclusion from competition will be enforced.
As ETPC has stated on many occasions if rules want to be changed then proposals to do this should be submitted in the normal way via their national ETPC representatives to be included on voting lists for the member countries.
We trust to have informed you fully on this matter.

Best regards

Kenneth Dahl
For and behalf of the ETPC Daily Board and Tech & Safety Board

ETPC Statement regarding Pro Stock cylinder heads, check here: http://www.tractorpulling.com/techDocs/2016%20ETPC%20Statement%20+%20supporting%20information%20relating%20to%20PS%20Cylinder%20Heads%20Sept%202016.pdf

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