Thursday, September 29, 2016

R.I.P. Henrik Sidelmann

I got some sad news from Kenneth Dahl this week. Henrik Sidelmann ,,Mr Diesel´´ from Denmark passed away on Semptember 22nd, 2016, after a long time battle against cancer.
On Thursday September 22nd 2016, Henrik Sidelmann lost his battle to cancer.

Way back since mid-80´s Henrik was a pioneer in diesel pulling. From the beginning he was part of the Super Stock diesel tractor BLUE POWER from Aulum, Denmark. Here his ideas was tested with many victories as result.
Remember European Championship in 1994?
Henrik worked for more than 45 years at KETNER in Holstebro. Optimising and rebuilding 100 maybe 1000´s of dieselpumps during the years. For tractorpulling in all classes for many countries.
Allways willing to teach and supply with knowledge to everybody who had interest in listening.
Henriks name was the one people would mention as first, when someone was talking about dieselpumps for tractorpulling. Also in the US they have heard about Henrik Sidelmann, even before there was Columbus pumps around…
Henrik was always the good friend, ready to talk about tractorpulling. He always had ideas and things he liked to discuss and wanted to test about engines; camshaft, pistons, diesel injection nozzles, cylinderheads, waterinjection, gearbox and of course diesel pumps!
Henrik also had another hobby, Classic Road Racing. And had been working on his dream of his life. To race a motorcycle in this class. Unfortunally he did not complete…
Henrik will surely be missed by all of us pulling friends. And we also send our thoughts to his family who is carrying the biggest loss of a popular, hard working and honest person.
In honour of his memory. Mr. Diesel – KETNER Holstebro.

On behalf of Team DINGO.DK

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