Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tractor Pulling series on DMAX continues

The Tractor Pulling Series called ,,Full Pull - ein Traktor gegen 20 Tonnen´´ continues on the German TV station DMAX next month. The Green Monster Team, Erlk├Ânig, Iwan, Dschini and Team Kaiser were accompanied by a Film crew through the 2016 season. From 8th of November on, DMAX will broadcast 4 new episodes of their Tractor Pulling Documentary. The first episode of Season 2 starts at 9.15pm (21:15) cet.

for further information, check here: http://www.dmax.de/programme/full-pull/

TV time schedule, check here: http://www.dmax.de/im-tv/?type=search&channel_code=DMAX-GER&search_string=full%20pull

Ouragan 3 sold now !

We are remember, last year were the big rumors about the sell of the French twin V12 Griffon powered Tractor called ,,Ouragan 3´´ to the Netherlands, but in the end it was only hot air. But now it´s not just rumors or hot air, this time it´s really true the Tractor was completely sold to the Netherlands.
The new owner of the Tractor is Henk Pastoor from Uithuizermeeden in the Netherlands. Henk owned and drove the single Griffon Mod Tractor called ,,Black Horse´´ in the past. He also making special made rods and engine parts for other Tractor Pulling Teams in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Further information about his plans with the Tractor in the next months, check here on pullingworld.com.
Black Horse

New Mini Rod in Sweden

The Burning Baby Pulling Team from Trelleborg in Sweden have built a new 950kg Mini Rod Tractor during the Summer of 2016. The Tractor got a new Advanced Chassis tube frame with a Advanced Chassis Rollcage from the USA, a Rockwell F106 rear axle with a TRB differential and a SCS twin counter shaft gearbox. The Mini Rod also received a 11´´inch Eagle aluminium clutch with 3 discs and a steel clutch bellhousing. The Aluminium fenders are come from the old Burning Baby Mini Rod. The Swedish Team purchased a set of new Real Wheel rims with Pioneer Giant Puller tyres for their new Vehicle.
The Burning Massey is powered by a 495cui KB V8 Hemi JP2 engine on Methanol. The engine ran earlier in the old TWD Truck called ,,Evolution´´ from Sweden. The engine has a 14-71 SSI blower with a Fowler Condor aluminium injector, Veney cylinder heads, aluminum rods and pistons, a Sassy Racing fuel system, a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition and a homemade aluminium fuel tank.
The Burning Baby Pulling Team will compete with their new Mini Rod called ,,Burning Massey´´ in Swedish Championship and in the Euro Cup next year

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/Burning-Baby-Pulling-Team-132604873456980/

NTTO Grand National Pull Made 2016 on RTL7 Part 2

check here: http://www.rtlxl.nl/?&_ga=1.19658939.2039671431.1477207461#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/ea5ec7af-7883-32ee-8d7d-7b91fdb641b3

Mini Rods pulling at the Ohio State Benefit Pull on Friday

Saturday, October 22, 2016

US Guestpullers for the 2017 European Superpull are known !

The US Guestpullers for the 39th European Superpull (18th of March 2017) in Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL) are known. Earl and Peggy Wells from Clinton, North Carolina in the USA will bring their both Agco Open Super Stock Tractors called ,,Galot´´ and ,,Galot 2´´to Rotterdam next year. Both Tractors have a Custom made tube frame with a Agco DT 225 hood, a Humpco rearend with a Humpco differential, Humpco planetaries, a Humpco driveline and a Profab transmission. The both Super Stock´s are powered by a GMS overhead cam 6 cylinder IH engine on Alcohol. The engines have GMS rods and pistons, Darton sleeves, a Bryant crankshaft, 3 GMS / Keating Machine turbochargers, a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition, a Racepak Datalogger system and a GMS fuel system.
The current drivers of the Super Stock Tractors are John Strickland from Harrels, North Carolina and 2002 European Superpull Guestpuller Brent Payne (owner of the Gene´s Machine Shop) from Hamilton, Ohio.
John Strickland driver of Galot 2 also won his first NTPA Grand National title with a 8 points gap against Josh Blackbourn and his Case IH Tractor called ,,International Threat´´ in the Open Super Stock class this year.

for further information, check here: http://www.europeansuperpull.nl/en

or check here: https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanSuperpull/ 

further information about the Galot Pulling Team, check here: http://www.galotmotorsports.com/

or check here: https://www.facebook.com/GALOT-Motorsports-138058749538126
John Strickland with Galot 2

Brent Payne with Galot

Ghost sold !

The Danish Light Mod Tractor called ,,Ghost´´ of Kim Schultz from Hellevad was, including the two naturally aspirated Rover Meteor V12 tank engines, sold to Scotland. The new owner of the Tractor isn´t known at the moment.

further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/Team-Ghost-239092526233632/

Cloud Nine Pulling Team stops with TWD Pulling

After 22 years in TWD Pulling, the Cloud Nine Pulling Team from the Netherlands have decided to stop with their Ford TWD Truck called ,,Cloud Nine´´ in the end of the 2016 season. The Dutch Team will now concentrate more on their Mini Rod Tractor called ,,Poker Face´´ in the future. The Chassis of the TWD Truck is now for sale.

here is the official statement of the Team:

The end of an era.
After competing for 22 years in the TWD class we have recently decided to withdraw the Cloud Nine from the competition. We will not run the TWD anymore in the future. It has been a tuff and emotional decision but with our focus on the future the only rational and wise decision. All these years we competed with so much pleasure but as they say. All good things come to an ………..
Recently the real damage on the engine of the TWD became clear. A small weight of the crank came out of the crank and went through the engine like a wrecking ball. There are 7 windows and the camshaft gallery also suffered serious damage. It will take a small miracle to make this engine run in a tractor again.
We have tried really hard to end the season by swopping engines between the 2 tractors. We made it to the EC in great Ecclestone. The run started ok till there was a disfunction in the driveline. Again we ran into damages. Worst one was the crack in the cylinder head of the engine of the mini. We could not use this engine anymore this season.
This meant end of the season for us. We are really proud of all we done and accomplished this year. The many nice runs, a fantastic day at Oudenhoorn with all our sponsors, friends and guests, The fabulous teamwork the week after to get the mini ready again for Made, The excitement after the super run in Made. And we can keep on going……..
In the 22 years of competing with the TWD we have achieved so many highs. We will cherish this forever and they will stay a part of our team. The chassis of the Cloud Nine is for Sale. If anyone is interested send us a personal message.
We will keep on running Poker Face and will spend the winter to get this tractor in the best shape possible. We hope you all will keep on supporting and following us in the future. We will keep you posted at our Facebook Page.

for further information, check here: http://www.cloudninepullingteam.nl/Home/

or, check here: https://www.facebook.com/CloudNinePullingTeam/?ref=page_internal


ITPO Franciacorta (I):  http://www.tractorpullingmania.it/news.asp?id=565

NTPA Raleigh, NC (USA) Session 1: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-RlghNC-01.htm

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NTPA Raleigh, NC (USA) Session 4: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2016-RlghNC-04.htm

NTTO Grand National Pull Made 2016 on RTL7 Part 1

check here: http://www.rtlxl.nl/?&_ga=1.225423133.666062789.1476993173#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/01598271-5481-3fc5-b72b-c61ec5cb1e4d

Tractor pulling Franciacorta 2016 - ITPO - Pure Sound

Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Weekend !


Lucas Oil PPL Champions 2016

MAVTV Unlimited Super Stock Tractors: Fully Loaded

Optima Batteries Super Modified 2WD Trucks: Midnight Revenger

E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified Tractors: Geico 75th Edition

Protect The Harvest Pro Stock Tractors: Greenline Express

ARP Light Weight Super Stock Tractors: Armed and Dangerous Excessive Force


 Super Farm Tractors: Fast & Furious


TS Performance Modified 4WD Trucks: Gun Powder & Lead

Mac Trailer Hot Rod Semis: Maximus Prime

ARP Super Stock Diesel Trucks: Lethal Weapon

Congratulations to all 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions !

The 2016 points standings, check here: http://www.propulling.com/results/standings  

NTTO Grand National Pull Oudenhoorn 2016 on RTL7 Part 2

check here: http://www.rtlxl.nl/?&_ga=1.258754698.1648431795.1475946715#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/ec35d4a3-9e23-3fca-8011-77cd0f80bbb7

Thursday, October 06, 2016

This Weekend !


NTPA GN Champions 2016

Super Stock Diesel: Triple Bypass

Light Super Stock: Exessive Force

Super Stock Open: Galot 2

 Four Wheel Drive: 4 Play

Modified Mini: Walk the Line

Light Unlimited: Simon Sez

Unlimited: Screamin´ D

Modified: Money Maker

Super Farm: Dream On

 Pro Stock: Mac Nasty

Two Wheel Drive: Buckeye Hauler

 Super Semi: Mother Trucker

Congratulations to all NTPA Grand National Champions 2016 !

The complete points standings, check here: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/Points/NTPA_PointStandings_2016.php?circuit=GN&division=All