Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cloud Nine Pulling Team stops with TWD Pulling

After 22 years in TWD Pulling, the Cloud Nine Pulling Team from the Netherlands have decided to stop with their Ford TWD Truck called ,,Cloud Nine´´ in the end of the 2016 season. The Dutch Team will now concentrate more on their Mini Rod Tractor called ,,Poker Face´´ in the future. The Chassis of the TWD Truck is now for sale.

here is the official statement of the Team:

The end of an era.
After competing for 22 years in the TWD class we have recently decided to withdraw the Cloud Nine from the competition. We will not run the TWD anymore in the future. It has been a tuff and emotional decision but with our focus on the future the only rational and wise decision. All these years we competed with so much pleasure but as they say. All good things come to an ………..
Recently the real damage on the engine of the TWD became clear. A small weight of the crank came out of the crank and went through the engine like a wrecking ball. There are 7 windows and the camshaft gallery also suffered serious damage. It will take a small miracle to make this engine run in a tractor again.
We have tried really hard to end the season by swopping engines between the 2 tractors. We made it to the EC in great Ecclestone. The run started ok till there was a disfunction in the driveline. Again we ran into damages. Worst one was the crack in the cylinder head of the engine of the mini. We could not use this engine anymore this season.
This meant end of the season for us. We are really proud of all we done and accomplished this year. The many nice runs, a fantastic day at Oudenhoorn with all our sponsors, friends and guests, The fabulous teamwork the week after to get the mini ready again for Made, The excitement after the super run in Made. And we can keep on going……..
In the 22 years of competing with the TWD we have achieved so many highs. We will cherish this forever and they will stay a part of our team. The chassis of the Cloud Nine is for Sale. If anyone is interested send us a personal message.
We will keep on running Poker Face and will spend the winter to get this tractor in the best shape possible. We hope you all will keep on supporting and following us in the future. We will keep you posted at our Facebook Page.

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