Wednesday, November 23, 2016

R.I.P Kent Enderle

Sad news. Kent Enderle, founder of Enderle Fuel Injection and the Enderle Pull-Off invitational event passed away on the evening of Saturday, November 19 after battling pulmonary fibrosis.
Mr. Enderle and his late wife Joan were two of the NTPA's greatest supporters and friends.

We wish his family peace and strength to bear this painful loss.

Full Pull - Ein Traktor gegen 20 Tonnen Season 2 Episode 3

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Euro Cup Brande (DK) 2016 Part1 and 2 on Motors TV

Monday 21/11 20:20 Part 2
Tuesday 22/11 03:40 Part 1
Tuesday 22/11 04:30 Part 2
Tuesday 22/11 10:25 Part 1
Tuesday 22/11 11:20 Part 2
Tuesday 22/11 17:20 Part 2
Thursday 24/11 17:45 Part 1
Thursday 24/11 18:40 Part 2
Friday 25/11 - 00:40 Part 1
Friday 25/11 - 01:30 Part 2
Friday 25/11 - 12:35 Part 1
Friday 25/11 - 13:30 Part 2

Euro Cup Brande (DK) 2016 on Danish TV Part 1

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NTTO Grand National Pull Putten 2016 on RTL7 Part 1

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Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pulling - Ep 1614 - Pro Stock 4x4 / Unlimited Light Super Stock

PPL 2016: Super Modifieds pulling at Freeport, IL

Monday, November 14, 2016

Brothers Toy Pulling Team stops with Light Modified Pulling

After the huge engine damage at the Dutch Grand National opener in Stroe this year, the Brothers Toy Pulling Team from Nieuwleusen, in the Netherlands have decided to stop with their Light Modified Tractor called ,,Brothers Toy´´. But the Team will not withdraw completely from the Tractor Pulling Sport. The Vos bros. have the plan to building a new Tractor for the Light Super Stock class next year. One is sure, the new ride will have a 6 cylinder Sisu engine with 24 valves and 7l capacity. Which hood the tractor gets is currently still a secret. The Rollcage and the Domex wedge frame of the Light Mod was sold to a Team in the Netherlands.

Further information about the new Light Super Stock Tractor of the Vos bros. in the next months, check here on !

Further information, check here:
CAD of the new project

Stroe 2016

Red Warrior sold !

Tommy Karlsson from Jeppo in Finland has sold his 4.5t Farm Stock Tractor called ,,Red Warrior´´ to Germany. The IH 1066 was sold to Paul Siebers from Kleve. Paul also owns and drives the IH Tractor called ,,Yellow Thunder´´ in the 3.6t Super Sport class in Germany.

Yellow Thunder

Euro Cup Brande 2016 Part1 on Motors TV

Monday 14/11 - 19:55
Tuesday 15/11 - 06:10 & 17:45
Wednesday 16/11 - 01:30
Thursday 17/11 - 10:00
Friday 18/11 - 17:45

STPV event schedule 2017

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NTTO Grand National Pull Eext 2016 on RTL7 Part 2

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PPL 2016: Unlimited Super Stocks pulling at the Ohio State Benefit Pull - Saturday

Monday, November 07, 2016

New frame for Daffy

From Bryne in Norway, the Daffy Pulling Team around Frode Horpestad are currently working on their Light Modified Tractor called ,,Daffy´´. The Light Mod receives a new Domex 700 wedge frame with the Rollcage (ROP) of the old tube frame, a new homemade hydraulic steering and a new homemade sheet metal rear axle housing. The old tube frame broke durin the Pull Off pass on the Euro Cup round in Lidköping, Sweden this year. The Team hopes to get a better balance with this new Domex wedge frame. The rear axle of the Tractor also gets new lighter hub reductions with new special made Mercedes planetaries and completely new brakes. The fenders and the side covers of the engine will be the same as on the old one.
The 6 cylinder John Deere engine on alcohol also will be completely disassemble and checked during the winter.
The Daffy Pulling Team will compete in Norwegian Championship and in the Euro Cup next year.
The first start after those changes is planned for the May of 2017 in Bryne, Norway.

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The old tube frame of Daffy, after the the final pass in Lidköping

The new Walk the Line

From Wadesville, Indiana in the USA, the Koester Racing Team have built a new 2050lbs Mini Rod Tractor during the last winter. The new Mini Rod received a Chrome-Moly tube frame, a Dana 60 rear axle with TRB planetaries, a TRB differential, a Profab transmission, homemade aluminium fenders and a Browell clutch bellhousing with a Molinari centrifugal clutch. The new tube frame and the Rollcage (ROP) was built by the Koester Racing Team, together with TRB Machine from Zeeland, Michigan. The drivers position on the new frame of Walk the Line is a little bit more forward, than on his both older brothers called ,,Beast of Burden´´ and ,,Footloose´´. The Team hopes to get a better balance with those changes.
The Tractor also got a set of new aluminium rims with new Pioneer Giant tyres.
The new Mini Rod called ,,Walk the Line´´ is powered by a Miner Bros. V8 Hemi engine with 8.3l capacity on methanol. The engine has a MBR 14-71 blower with a JBR Carbon Fiber injector, MBR Alcohol cylinder heads, homemade exhaust pipes, a Bryant billet crankshaft, Arias pistons and GRP billet rods, camshafts from Crane Cams, a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition, a homemade fuel tank, a Waterman fuel pump and a Racepack datalogger.
The Koester Racing Team had a very successful season with this new Mini Rod. The driver of  ,,Walk the Line´´ Adam Koester won the NTPA Grand National title and the Bowling Green Ring this year.

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NTTO Grand National Pull Eext 2016 on RTL7 Part 1

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PPL 2016: Super Modifieds pulling at the Spring Nationals - Wilmington, OH

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Le Coiffeur Stage 8 sold !

The Light Mod Tractor called ,,Le Coiffeur Stage 8´´ of Frank Bartholome from Georgsmarienhütte in Germany was sold to South Germany.
The new owner of the RR Griffon V12 powered Tractor is Benjamin Frahm from Neckarrems in Germany. He is the former owner and driver of the 500kg Modified Garden Puller Tractor called ,,No Fear´´. Benjamin, together with his father, also won the German Championship title in the 500kg Modified class in 2003.
Before I forget it, the Le Coiffeur Pulling Team also have a lots of parts for sale now.
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New home for Silvia+

The former Swedish Super Stock Tractor called ,,Silvia+´´ of Reinhard Stefansson has a new home.
The New Holland TG285 was sold without the engine to the Navigator Pulling Team from Genemuiden in the Netherlands last summer. The new Dutch Team will compete with the Tractor in the Light Super Stock class next year.

Further information about the Tractor and the Team will follow soon, check here on !
The Facebook fanpage of the Navigator Pulling Team, check here:

Oil Addict sold !

The 18 cylinder Curtiss Wright powered Light Mod Tractor called ,,Oil Addict´´ of Dennis Juhl from Vidbaek in Denmark was sold without the engine to the other side of the World to Allan Arthur from Australia. The Oil Addict Team won  the Danish Championship title in 2015 with this Tractor.

Lightweight Super Stock Tractors at Brandenburg, KY (7/30/16)