Monday, November 14, 2016

Brothers Toy Pulling Team stops with Light Modified Pulling

After the huge engine damage at the Dutch Grand National opener in Stroe this year, the Brothers Toy Pulling Team from Nieuwleusen, in the Netherlands have decided to stop with their Light Modified Tractor called ,,Brothers Toy´´. But the Team will not withdraw completely from the Tractor Pulling Sport. The Vos bros. have the plan to building a new Tractor for the Light Super Stock class next year. One is sure, the new ride will have a 6 cylinder Sisu engine with 24 valves and 7l capacity. Which hood the tractor gets is currently still a secret. The Rollcage and the Domex wedge frame of the Light Mod was sold to a Team in the Netherlands.

Further information about the new Light Super Stock Tractor of the Vos bros. in the next months, check here on !

Further information, check here:
CAD of the new project

Stroe 2016

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