Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Le Coiffeur Stage 8 sold !

The Light Mod Tractor called ,,Le Coiffeur Stage 8´´ of Frank Bartholome from Georgsmarienhütte in Germany was sold to South Germany.
The new owner of the RR Griffon V12 powered Tractor is Benjamin Frahm from Neckarrems in Germany. He is the former owner and driver of the 500kg Modified Garden Puller Tractor called ,,No Fear´´. Benjamin, together with his father, also won the German Championship title in the 500kg Modified class in 2003.
Before I forget it, the Le Coiffeur Pulling Team also have a lots of parts for sale now.
Check here: http://gaestebuch.007box.de/index.php?gbname=gb15001&lng=en

further information, check here: www.le-coiffeur.net/

or, check here: https://de-de.facebook.com/LCoiffeur/

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