Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A few Questions to David Jones

David Jones, 41 years old from Stratford - upon - Avon in Great Britain. David is the owner and driver of the Case IH Component Super Stock Tractor called ,,Just Smoky´´.

pullingworld.com: What do you do in your normal life? 
David Jones: I am a crop farmer. Growing milling wheat, oil seed rape and spring field beans.

pullingworld.com: What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?  
David Jones: I enjoy game shooting. Following the England Rugby Union Team.Working with friends running a blown Alky Drag Car. Time with friends and family not forgetting my girl friend !!

pullingworld.com: What do you like on Tractor Pulling? 
David Jones: The learning and sharing experience. I have made some great friends in the UK, Europe and USA who have all helped me achieve my goals. Driving the Tractors is a thrill yet working on them and getting the best out of the motors with tuning is a real buzz.

pullingworld.com: What was your first Tractor Pulling event? 
David Jones: I grew up in Tractor Pulling with my father John and Uncle Bill Jones from a very young age as they started Pulling in the UK back in 1978 with Smoky Joe. The first event I remember was at the Royal Show when I was 5 years old.
pullingworld.com: What is your favourite Event / Pulling track? 
David Jones: In the UK it has to be Great Eccleston. In Europe Putten/Ahoy. In the USA The Galot Motorsport Park/NFMS.

pullingworld.com: When and where do you have driven a Pulling Tractor for the first time? 
David Jones: I drove Smoky Joe at Bristol UK in 1992.

pullingworld.com: What was your biggest success? 
David Jones: Winning my first British title with Just Smoky. Winning the Ahoy Super Pull. Driving Controlled Chaos to my first win in the USA with the Chaos Fabrications Crew.

pullingworld.com: Which Pulling classes do you like too? 
David Jones: I enjoy all classes yet competing with the best Super Stocks in UK/Europe and the USA is a real privilege.

pullingworld.com: What was your biggest disappointment? 
David Jones: Being runner up in the Euro Cup Super Stock title due to a kill switch failure.

pullingworld.com: Which things must be change in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport? 
David Jones: I think its important we encourage the entry level classes and help them progress. Share more information to encourage new people in the sport. The limits in the Unlimited classes need careful thought and take advice from Tractor engine builders to avoid Teams spending unnecessary money.

pullingworld.com: What's your  plans for the future in Tractor Pulling? 
David Jones: I plan to run Controlled Chaos / Just Smoky when time allows around my busy farming business.

pullingworld.com: What was for you the most important moment in the sport? 
David Jones: Seeing my dad John driving Just Smoky a few years back. He drove it like he stole it !!

pullingworld.com: What was your favourite Pulling Tractor project in the workshop during a winter? 
David Jones: Upgrading Just Smoky last winter to keep it competitive for the EC 2016.

pullingworld.com: Something you want to say? 
David Jones: I would like to thank everyone in the sport who I have learnt so much from. They know who they are. My sponsors and family for supporting me. Congratulations must go to The North West Tractor Club 2016 for hosting the best European Championship i´ve competed in.

pullingworld.com: Thank you for your time and good luck !

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