Monday, December 19, 2016

The new Green Gambler 2 All In

From Toulan, Illinois in the USA, Denny Jackson, together with the support of Bryan Conner from Milan, Missouri have built a completely new John Deere 7220 Light Super Stock Tractor during the last winter. The Light Super Stock received a new tube frame from Full Pull Motorsports with mods by Brian Diekman (Trelleborg Rat Poison Pulling Team), a Full Pull Motorsports Rollcage (ROP), a air suspended front axle, a modified John Deere 7R hood, a rear axle and drivetrain from Full Pull Motorsports and a Profab 3 Speed light transmission. All the sheet metal work on the JD were done by Full Pull Motorsports and CFS (Conner Fuel Systems).
The rear axle has a SCS billet differential with SCS billet axles and special made Mercedes planetaries. The Tractor got a 4 disc Molinari centrifugal clutch with mods by CFS and a Browell clutch bell housing. Denny purchased for his new ride a set of new Midwest rims with Firestone Puller 2000HP tyres. The tyres were cut by Brett Burg, with recent touch up from K3 Tires.
The new Green Gambler 2 is powered by an 6 cylinder John Deere engine on alcohol. The power plant has a 7.6 John Deere light block bored to 4.75 by VG - Motorsports,
a billet front cover with adujustable timing gears from VG-Motorsports, a billet aluminium  Bamber Engineering cylinder head with CFS designed camshafts, CamFX .988 lifters and VG-Motorsports lifter bushings, a CFS 4.75 stroke counterweighted JD 4340 crankshaft, a Bamber Engineering intake and exhaust manifold, 3 Holset HX82 turbochargers with proprietary design by CFS, a CFS built poppet valve style wastegate, CFS billet rods and pistons, CFS liners, a CFS alcohol fuel system with parts from Waterman, Enderle and Hilborn, a CFS water injection system, a Aviaid 3 stage oil pump, a MSD 8 Plus ignition with CFS designed dual coils, a billet belt drive and a RPM Performance datalogger.
Denny Jackson will compete with his new Light Super Stock Tractor called ,,Green Gambler 2 All In´´ in the NTPA Grand National Championship next season.

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