Monday, January 09, 2017

Workshop news Komeco Simply Irresistible Team

After the huge crash in Füchtorf, Germany last year, the Komeco Simply Irresistible Team from Dronten in the Netherlands are currently super busy on their New Century V8 powered Unlimited Mod Tractor called ,,Komeco Simply Irresistible´´. The Dutch Team would like to return with the Tractor on the track at the 2017 Indoor Pull in Zwolle (NL).  
Here are some news from the workshop by the Komeco Simply Irresistible Pulling Team:


News from our Workshop in Dronten where the Team is busy to make the Komeco Simply Irresistible ready for the 2017 Pull in Zwolle. There is still a lot of work to do, but we have the first engines back on the Tractor again, all filled with brand new parts from our supplier Post & Dros. The other 3 engines are still in surgery, but will be ready soon to get mounted in the frame again. Our Racepak data logger is ready to start recording, the rear axle, frame and gearbox are checked and ready for Pulling. The new rear fender is getting some paint and a new sticker by MT Wear so all the work done by the Team should hopefully be enough to get in front of the sled again in Zwolle after the big crash from April, last year. We will try to keep you all posted on our Facebook page.
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