Friday, February 17, 2017

Q & A with Ivar Lycke

Ivar Lycke, from Kirkeby in Denmark. Ivar was many years the ETPC flagman on the European Championships and Euro Cup rounds. He retired as ETPC flagman in May 2015. What are you doing in your normal life?
Ivar Lycke: I started a new job recently, and am now back to where I started my farming career in 1975.  I’m herding pigs, not out in the field, but in stables. I work for a company called Breeders of Denmark, who is selling breeding pigs worldwide.  There will also be some trucking to do later, when I get the education to transport animals! I have a bus driver’s license, and can transport people, but have to make a special course to be allowed to transport pigs!! (O; What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?
Ivar Lycke: I like doing nothing in my free time, relaxing and being with the Family. That is also what I’m doing, but there are always things to do when you have a house and garden! What do you like on Tractor Pulling?
Ivar Lycke: I like the noise, the smell, and the people around Tractor Pulling. Well a beer or two is also not a bad deal! What was your first Tractor Pulling event?   
Ivar Lycke: My first event was at a fair in North Dakota USA in 1983. Not a very big show, but I was hooked. The first show I saw back in Denmark was at the local fairground, where the German Tractor Gold Digger and the German Sledge made a show. Wow, that was spectacular! Cant remember what year, but in the mid- late eighties. What is your favourite Event / Pulling track? 
Ivar Lycke: Uhh, difficult to say for sure, but I tend to say Made (NL). What an event, but also F├╝chtorf (D) and Putten (NL) are making good shows. Bernay (F) is my audience favorite! Always spectacular to be able to hear the audience cheer, through the roar of a bunch of V8 racing engines. All places have their own specialty, and atmosphere! When and where do you have driven a Pulling Tractor for the first time?
Ivar Lycke: I drove my/our own Tractor called ,,Green Hope´´ for the first time in Herning (DK), but did not have the best of luck. Two times I drove the Green Hope, and wrecked it both times! Not good, so I was fired as driver, and my partner Bjarne took over the steeringwheel, and is still going on, now as a Farmstock 3600kg. Can’t remember what year it was, that we came out the first time. The late 90s?? What was your biggest success?
Ivar Lycke: Ha ha, see the answer to question 6!! Which Pulling classes do you like too?
Ivar Lycke: I like Farm and Pro Stock for the smoke and smell, and the Light Modified’s for the many different engine types. What was your biggest disappointment? 
Ivar Lycke: I don’t really have any BIG disappointments, but breaking our tractor was no fun. )O: In my flagman career, it was always a disappointment when pullers started arguing about decisions made, or track or whatever! I hated that! Which things must be change in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport?
Ivar Lycke: Huh, that is a difficult question. Smile some more, and have fun! Not so many stupid comments on Facebook or other social medias!! What's your plans for the future in Tractor Pulling? 
Ivar Lycke: Enjoying being a spectator, and help my good friend Bjarne with Green Hope, whenever he needs me! What was for you the most important moment in the sport?  
Ivar Lycke: Lying on my back and watch Green Spirit IV and the Sledge pass me within a meter, and survive! In Bernay (F) I believe it was, and it was in the early start of my flagman periode, and I was walking/running backwards, and tripped over a chunck of dirt. Boom, there I was! Never walked backwards again! What was your favourite Pulling Tractor project in the workshop during a winter?   
Ivar Lycke: I don’t have any projects in the workshop during the winter, other than drinking a beer or two when visiting friends that are working. Important to be well trained till the outdoor season starts again. In the older days, the first startup of our Tractor was a BIG day! Something you want to say?
Ivar Lycke: Not really, other than good luck to all pullers and fans, and may our beloved sport stay strong and alive! Thank you for your time and good luck!

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