Saturday, February 04, 2017

Wind Up!

As some of you may know, Germany is starting a limited modified class this upcoming season.
Basic rules are 3.5t and a hp limit of app. 2200 hp, partly enforced with air restrictors (where applicable) and some other limits.
Part of the new class is going to by my (Sascha) tractor, which we are currently putting together in the north west of Germany.
As it's finally starting to look like something, time to get some interest going.
We are documenting everything, as we would like to show how it's possible to build a rather simple pulling tractor without crazy amounts of money, that (one day?) will have enough power to spin the wheels and will hopefully be a lot of fun and an encouragement for younger folks to join the modified pulling scene.
You can find the website at: and we also have a Facebook group, so if you have questions or comments, feel free to request to join in there:
Wind Up! Facebook Group

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