Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Workshop news Team Exception

At Exloerveen in the Netherlands, the Exception Pulling Team are busy on their Mini Rod called ,,Exception" at the moment. The tractor gets a new Domex wedge frame with some improvements.
The engine of the Mini Rod sits a few cm further back in the chassis now. The Dutch Team hopes to get a better balance with those changes. The New Century engine of the vehicle is currently checked and revised. After the big engine damage at the EC 2016 in Great Eccleston, Great Britain, the New Century gets a new crankshaft, new bearings, new piston rings, new rods, new homemade exhaust headers and new seals in the SSI 14-71 blower.
Due to less time and money, the Exception Pulling Team will compete with their Mini Rod in the Dutch Grand National Championship only this year.

The Exception Pulling Team would also like to give a big thanks to all their sponsors for the great support. Without the support, it would be not possible to repair the engine and to build this new chassis.

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