Thursday, May 04, 2017

New look and name for Le Coiffeur Stage 8

The old Light Mod Tractor of Frank Bartholome from Germany got a new look and a new name.
The new design and stickers on the fenders of the Tractor were made by Steffen Schaab ( from Selent in Germany. The Tractor also received a new name. The name of the Light Mod is ,,No Fear´´ now. Some technical information about the Light Mod. The Tractor has a homemade Domex 700 wedge frame with a homemade Rollcage, a billet rear axle with special made Mercedes planetaries, a homemade gearbox and Carbon Fiber fenders. The vehicle also has a set of Northern Sheen rims from Canada with Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres. The Light Mod is powered by an RR Griffon V12 MK58 Aircraft engine with 36,7l capacity on methanol. The engine has a homemade aluminium intake system, a homemade air intake funnel, homemade exhaust pipes, revised cylinderheads, a revised crankshaft, Toolox 44 rods, a Waterman methanol fuel pump, Enderle injectors, homemade fuel tanks and a MSD 8 ignition.
The new owner Benjamin Frahm from Neckarrems in Germany will compete in the German Championship this year.

further information about the Team, check here:

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