Thursday, May 18, 2017

Supporters Club for Dschinni

As some of you may have heard, the Dschinni Evolution Deutz Super Stock had a serious engine damage at Füchtorf.
They have updated their turbo kit over the winter and it worked a little too well.
The engine ran lean and burnt a piston. What looked like an easy fix has now turned out to be quite a disaster.
The engine must have detonated under the lean condition and destroyed the crankshaft. Since they don't make those anymore and after already having issues with stock but modified crankshafts in the past, it makes no sense to put a stock crankshaft back in.
A billet crankshaft is needed to get the Dschnni back on track, but one of those is totally out of the budget for this father & son team, who build basically everything on their own.
Now several people have talked Klemens​  and Thomas Mathmann​ into accepting help from their many many fans.
Thomas has now opened a paypal account at "" where fans can add a little contribution.
They are in the process of getting caps made for all supporters, so you can show which tractor you support!! So please, help keep this wonderful machine on the track by sending a few bucks over their way!!!

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