Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The new Redneck Rebel Mini Mod

The Redneck Rebel Pulling Team (former Pokerface Pulling Team) around Torben Madsen from Kibaek in Denmark have built a new V8 powered 950kg Mini Modified Tractor during the last winter. The new Mini got a tube frame with a steel Rollcage, a homemade hydraulic steering, homemade aluminium fenders and a Dana 60 rearend. Torben and his crew purchased that chassis from Arnold Tonninger in Austria. But the chassis was built by Emil Roth (Nasty Toy Pulling Team) in Sweden many years ago. But Danish Team made a lots of adjustments and changes on those chassis. The drivers and engine position on the frame is more forward and the center of gravety is lower.  The Team hopes to get a better balance with the Pioneer tyres with those changes. The new look and the stickers for the fenders and side shields were made by a local company in Denmark. The Danish Team purchased for the new vehicle a set of Real Wheel aluminium rims with new cut Pioneer Giant Puller tyres.
The rearend of the Mini Rod has a Dana 60 center section with a TRB billet aluminium differential, a Richmond ring and pinion gear, homemade aluminium planetaries carrier housing with special made Volvo hub reductions and Willwood brakes with homemade brake discs.
The Tractor also received a Lenco reverser with a homemade driveline, a 11" inch centrifugal clutch with 2 discs from the Bukke Bruse Pulling Team from Denmark, a Crower flywheel and a Browell steel clutch bell housing.
The new Redneck Rebel will powered by an KB Chevy V8 engine with 556cui. on methanol. The engine has a Keith Black cast aluminium block with Brodix extra CNC-milled cylinderheads, special grinded camshafts, a billet crankshaft with Venolia pistons and R&R rods, Dan Olson Racing exhaust headers, a Littlefield Hi-Helix 14-71 blower with an Enderle big and ugly aluminium injector scoop, a Sassy Racing fuel system, a homemade aluminium methanol fuel tank and a upgraded Mallory Mag ignition.
The Redneck Rebel Pulling Team will compete with their new Mini Rod in the Danish Championship and on some Show Pulls in Europe this year.

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