Friday, June 09, 2017

New Light Mod Pulling Team in Scotland

We have reported last year, that the Ghost Light Mod Tractor of Kim Schultz from Denmark was sold to a new Team from Scotland. The new owners of the Tractor is the Powerwasher Services Pulling Team from Laurencekirk in Scotland. Since the vehicle is on the isle there, the Scottish Team also made some small changes on the Light Mod during the last winter. The twin naturally aspirated Rolls Royce Meteor V12 powered Tractor got a new steel ROP and a set of new sheet metal fenders. The new Rollcage and the new fenders were built by Ross Agri Services Ltd. from Montrose in Scotland. Also the Light Mod received a new paintjob, a completely new look and a new name. The Tractor is called ,,Gator" now. The new design of the Mod was made by Turner Graphics from Montrose in Scotland.
The new Powerwasher Services Pulling Team will compete with their new toy in the Scottish Championship and in the British Championship this year.

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