Friday, June 16, 2017

The new Green Molli

Kaiser Performance and the Kaiser Pulling Team around Super Stock driver Marcus Kaiser from Gussenstadt in Germany have finished their John Deere 3.5t Sport class costumer project. After 2 1/2 years of planning and building the new Tractor was ready in the mid of May and made his maiden run on the Pulling track in Holzheim, Germany a few days later. The new John Deere got the name ,,Green Molli´´ and received a great design by Steffen Schaab on the side shields.
The new vehicle got a homemade steel tube frame with a homemade steel Rollcage, a hydraulic steering, a homemade adaption with seperate oil pump for brake and steering system, a original John Deere 4230 sheet metal hood, homemade sheet metal fenders, a JD 4230 rearend and Fendt steel rims with cut 38" inch Goodyear tyres.
The tube frame and the ROP come from the Alky burner Super Stock called ,,Second Chance´´, who blew up in a big fireball in Füchtorf (D) 2011. The stock rearend has a JD ring and pinion gear with a JD 4230 stock differential. The gearbox of the Sport class Tractor also comes out of an JD 4230 and has original gears in it. The gearbox was overworked for only two different ratios (2 forward and 1 reverse). The Tractor also has a 11" inch Van der Waal centrifugal clutch with 3 discs (used parts of Team Kaiser -reworked as Sport application, different clutch fingers, Springs and weights), a billet
made KP Performance flywheel, a homemade KP clutchliner (milled clutchhouse for best fit of liner) and a KP standard product mainshaft (clutch to gearbox). With the KP clutch liner, the new ride can drive without shratter blankets around the JD stock clutch bellhousing.
The new Green Molli is powered by a 6 cylinder John Deere engine with 6.6l capacity on diesel fuel.
The engine has a JD 4230 stock block with new orginal sleeves, a JD 40 series head with standard valves and springs, a original camshaft, a stock JD crank with new original rods and pistons, a Holset HX 55 turbocharger, a newly made Kaiser Performance style prototype aluminium intake manifold, a homemade steel exhaust manifold, a Bosch Diesel fuel pump with 10mm elements from Lindemann Dieseltechnik, a homemade fuel tank, a original JD oil pump, a Voltkraft K204 4-Channel datalogger, a MAN heatexchanger (Intercooler) with 2 section air water and a homemade 45l extra water tank for cold water.
The new Tractor is equipped with lot´s of KP stuff a lot of other customer also run such as, clutch setup, clutch liner, turbo - killswitch unit, driveshaft, hitch assembly for original (non overworked) JD rearends, clutch thrust setup for JD OEM clutchhousing, rollcage assembling kit, intake and exhaust mainifolds,....
Main thing is, that the customer (a Familiy of four) wants to step into pulling with a reliable JD Tractor on solid level. They decided together with the customer, to build up a very basic motorized Tractor on standard components to keep the budget. Beside it was the goal to get another nice looking JD into the German Sport Class series. The basic idea was to built a Tractor that can be upgraded over the next years (if the customer wants so) without changing a lot on the look, chassis, and safety equipment.
The owner of the Tractor Stefan Moll will compete in the German Championship this year.

Team Kaiser and Kaiser Performance wants to thank their customers all over Europe for their trust in KP products. Kepp on Pulling and stay tuned!!!

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