Friday, July 14, 2017

The new Beautiful Noise

After a one year absence, the Slaedhunden Pulling Team around Leif Jorgensen and Bjarne Mortensen from Skandeborg in Denmark are back on the track with an new Modified Tractor.
The formerly Transmash Pullers started with their new V8 Mod project in the Winter of 2015/2016 in their workshop in Skandeborg. The new ride got a chrome-moly tube frame with an Ace Chassis chrome-moly ROP (Rollcage), a homemade hydraulic steering, carbon fiber fenders and a Rockwell rearend. Leif purchased the complete frame with the rearend from the Fox Pulling Team from Skjern in Denmark. In the package were also included the whole drivetrain of the old Fox Tractor. The fenders and the ROP were took over of the old Slaedhunden Modified. The carbon fiber fenders of the Tractor were built by the Rocket Science Pulling Team from Weert in the Netherlands. The Team run with a set of Midwest aluminium rims with Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres on the new Mod. The rearend of the vehicle has a Rockwell aluminium diff with a special made ring and pinion gear, a Rockwell center section and Franklin aluminium planetary carrier housing with Franklin planetaries. The new Beautiful Noise also got a
billet driveline (built by Torben Larsen, Fox) and a SCS reverser. Each Hemi engine on the Tractor has a Browell aluminium clutch bellhousing and a 11´´ inch Crower centrifugal clutch with 2 discs.
The Beautiful Noise is powered by 4 Keith Black V8 Hemi engines with 526 cui. and 1 Arias V8 Hemi engine with 559 cui. on methanol. Because of the current engine limits, he can´t drive with all 5 engines in the 4.2t/9260lbs. Heavy Mod class currently in Europe and Denmark. Each of those 4 Keith Black engines have a KB cast aluminium block (1x Stage 2, 1x Stage 3, 1x Stage 5 and 1x Stage 6) with a billet crankshaft, billet aluminium rods and pistons, a homemade fuel tank, a Enderle fuel system with a Enderle methanol
fuel pump, a Littlefield Hi-Helix 8-71 blower with an Enderle aluminium scoop injector, a Nr.1 oil pump and a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition. The both front KB power plants have Veney aluminium cylinder heads and back ones have BAE aluminium heads. The Arias V8 Hemi engine were purchased by the Cougar Pulling Team from Sweden. The Arias has a cast aluminium block with Arias heads, a billet crankshaft with billet aluminium rods and Arias pistons, a Littlefield Hi-Helix 8-71 blower with a aluminuim scoop, a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition, a Enderle fuel system and a Enderle fuel pump. The Danish Team is satisfied with the first runs so far this year.
The Slaedhunden Pulling Team compete with their new ride in the Danish Championship and in the Euro Cup this year.

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