Friday, July 28, 2017

The new VSP Bits ´n Pieces

From Loosdrecht in the Netherlands, Willem Veldhuizen, together with his son Daan and his Crew have built a new 3.5t / 7700lbs. Modified Tractor during the last winter. The new Tractor got a new lighter homemade Domex wedge frame with a new chrome-moly Rollcage (ROP), new lighter engine brackets, a homemade steering, homemade Alubond fenders and a Rockwell rearend. The new wedge frame of the Tractor was constructed by Berrie Boer of the Screamin´ Bobcat Pulling Team from Ijsselmuiden, in the Netherlands and the new Rollcage comes from the old Brothers Toy Light Modified Tractor. But what´s new and different on the new frame. The drivers position on the new chassis is more forward and the center of gravity is lower than on the old Double D chassis. The Team hopes to get a better balance with those changes in the future. The Dutch Team also saved weight with some small different changes on the new Mod. With all those new changes, the Tractor is 120kg / 264lbs. lighter than the old Double D Tractor. The Team has more movable weight on the front end of the new Bits ´n Pieces now. The new design on the fenders and the engine side shields were made by Centipede Reklame Productions from Loosdrecht in the Netherlands. The Dutch company called ,,M2ID´´ (Pullingart) from Sprundel brought the stickers on the Tractor. The new look remember a little bit on the old Magkal Bits ´n Pieces Super Stock in the late 90s.
The Rockwell rearend has a Humpco aluminium billet center section with a Humpco differential, a special made ring and pinion gear and Franklin aluminium planetary carrier housing with special made planetaries. The new Bits ´n Pieces also has a homemade Crossbox with special built gears, a homemade driveline and a SCS Reverser. Each John Deere power plant have a Crower centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and a Browell aluminium clutch bellhousing. Willem use for his new ride a set of Northern Sheen aluminium rims from Canada with new cut Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres.
The new VSP Bits ´n Pieces is powered by 2 6 cylinder John Deere engines with 10.5l / 640cui. capacity on methanol fuel. Each power plant have a John Deere stock block with a VSP (Veldhuizen Special Product) billet steel crankshaft, VSP billet aluminium rods and pistons, Darton sleeves, a VSP aluminium billet cylinder head with billet camshafts, Victorie valves and springs, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, 3 VSP Holset HX 82 turbochargers with billet intake wheels, a VSP fuel pump with a VSP fuel system, a Aviaid oil pump, a homemade fuel tank, a MSD 8 ignition and a RPM data logger. Each JD engine make around 3800hp and over 5000Nm torque on the dyno.
The Bits ´n Pieces Pulling Team compete with their new Modified Tractor in Dutch Grand National Championship (3.5t / 7700lbs. Mod and 4t / 8820lbs. Unlimited division) this year.
The Team is happy so far with the performance of the new twin John Deere powered Modified Tractor and everything is currently on the right way. The first 2 runs in Made, the Netherlands wasn´t perfect, but the last runs were pretty well in the past weeks. The Tractor is better drivable and brings the power much better on the ground than the old one now.

The Bits ´n Pieces Pulling Team would also like to give a big thanks to all their sponsors for the great support during the last 34 years !

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