Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Germany´s first Limited Modified Tractor

After many years in Outlaw Pulling, the Hubraumteufel Pulling Team from Lübtheen in Germany have made the switch with their Tractor called ,,Highlander" into the new formed 3.5t /7700lbs. Limited Modified class of the German Tractor Pulling Association (DTTO) this year. The Limited Mod of Ronny Schupetta has a homemade steel tube frame with a steel Rollcage, a homemade hydraulic steering, a ZF Truck rearend and homemade aluminium fenders. The rollcage is off the old Danish Light Modified Tractor called ,,Madame".
The ZF Truck rearend has a stock center section with a original differential, a stock ring and pinion gear and original planetary carrier housing with stock ZF planetaries. Also the gearbox of the Tractor is out of a Deutz-Magirus Truck and has 10 forward and 2 reverse gears in it. The driveline and the clutch bell housing are homemade and the 11" inch centrifugal clutch with 3 discs was built by Reinicke. The rear tires on the Highlander are a set of used Firestone 8Ply Puller with old steel rims.
The new Limited Mod is powered by a V12 Continental tank engine on petrol fuel. Almost all parts, like the rods, pistons, the crank, cylinder heads, the ignition, the injection system etc. are original on the engine. Only the exhaust pipes and the fuel tank are homemade. The tank engine also received 2 extra butterflies. The Continental engine should create around 850 HP.
For the Team it was the first season under DTTO flag, a completely new experience, especially to learn the different track conditions, the different tire pressures, the weight balance etc..
The new Limited Modified class in the DTTO was basically formed to get new people without the big budget into the Pulling sport, like the Hubraumteufel Team. The class is currently growing in Germany, there are 6 Tractors currently in building progress.
The Hubraumteufel Pulling Team will compete in the German Championship next year.

 For further information, check here: http://www.hubraumteufel.de/

or, check here: https://www.facebook.com/Hubraumteufel/

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