Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mike Beck´s new High Tech Red Neck

From Ridgefield Corners, Ohio in the USA, the High Tech Red Neck Pulling Team around Mike Beck have built a completely new Case IH Component Diesel Super Stock Tractor during the last 2 years. The new Diesel Super Stock received a chrome-moly tube frame with a chrome-moly rollcage, a power steering, a Engler Machine & Tool built single wheel brake systems, a Case IH MX 210 hood and a Rockwell rearend.
The Chassis and the cage were built by Engler Machine & Tool in Princeton, Indiana. The new hood and fenders were built by Binderlite Fabrication. The design and the paint work were done by Todd Hanson of Hanson Graphix from Wauseon, Ohio. The Rockwell rearend has a Rockwell center section with a billet diff, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear and Rockwell planetary carrier housing with Rockwell planetaries. The new Tractor also got a 3 speed Profab transmisson with a billet driveline, a Crower 11"inch centrifugal clutch with 5 disc and a Browell bell housing.
The rear wheels on the Component Super Stock are Midwest aluminium rims with new cut Firestone Puller 2000HP tires.
The new High Tech Red Neck is powered by a 6 cylinder IH DT 466 engine with 540cui on diesel fuel.
The new built diesel power plant has DT 466 stock engine block with PowerBore sleeves, a billet Bryant crankshaft with billet Hypermax rods and pistons, a billet cylinder head built by Lemke Motorsports (New Generation Plus) from Hellenville, Wisconsin, a Hypermax camshaft, a costum made intake and exhaust manifold, 4 billet Wimer turbochargers, a Peterson oil pump, a Waterman fuel pump and a Scheiddiesel data logger.
The High Tech Red Neck Pulling Team will compete with their new ride in the NTPA Grand National Championship and on some State Level Pulls next year.

For further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/HighTechRedNeck1066/

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