Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The new Blue Attraction

After 8 years in the 500kg Modified class and a German Championship title in 2015, Thorsten Schlarbaum from Aurich in Germany has built a completely new Garden Puller Tractor for the new 600kg Modified class during the winter of 2016/2017. The Tractor got a completely new St52 tube frame with a St52 Rollcage, a homemade hydraulic steering and a Ford Transit rearend. The new homemade fenders were built from aluminum. The new Rollcage for the Mod was bent and welded by Jan-Patrick Mikkosek (driver of the 600kg Compact Diesel called ,,Screamin´ International´´)  from Neum√ľnster in Germany. Thorsten bought for his new Tractor a set of new Real Wheel rims with cut Cepek tires. The rearend is a Ford Transit / Suzuki combination with homemade parts. The rear axle also received special built spindles by Roland van Dongen from the Netherlands and homemade aluminium planetary carrier housing with MF 135 (Massey Ferguson) planetaries. The reverser is homemade with Lenco parts and the driveline to the rear axle is made from articulated shaft profile of a hay tedder.
The centrifugal clutch of the Mod is a 3 disc 7.5´´ inch Tilton clutch with a homemade fly wheel and a homemade steel clutch bell housing.
The new Blue Attraction is powered by an 5 cylinder Audi TDI engine with 2.5l capacity on diesel fuel. The engine comes out of an Audi A6 car. The engine has a Audi stock block with a stock crank, BFS rods and revised Audi pistons, ARP stand bolt, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Holset HX 52 turbocharger, a homemade wastegate with Arlows parts, a Audi cylinder head with bigger valves and a BFS billet Stage 1 camshaft, a Bosch A fuel pump with 5 elements and a RSV regulator, a self built belt drive, homemade injection nozzles, a homemade 2 stage water pump and a homemade fuel and water tank. The Audi cylinder head also was revised by BFS airflow-research in Dronten, the Netherlands. The engine makes around 7500 rpm with this setup.
Thorsten was happy with his first season in the 600kg Modified class. He made a lots of nice passes with the Tractor, but also had some technical issues with the clutch during the season, what cost him the German Championship title in the end. The biggest success for him was the 2nd place finish at the European Championship in France this year. He´s currently working on a new lighter and improved 25CrMo4 tube frame for the 2018 season.

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