Thursday, December 07, 2017

First Light Super Stock in Denmark

After 4 years Farm Stock Pulling in Denmark, the Stumper & Stykker Pulling Team around Chresten Christensen and Michael Simonsen from Vorning in Viborg, made the switch into Light Super Stock Pulling this season. In February 2014, they bought the old Zeinstra Welldone Deere (formerly Bits n´ Pieces of Willem Veldhuizen) of the Zeinstra Pulling Team from the Netherlands without the engine and drove that John Deere Tractor for 3 years in the Farm Stock competition in Denmark. In the winter of 2016 / 2017 Chresten and Micheal decieded to built a new engine on alcohol for the Tractor. The Light Super Stock got a turbocharged 6 cylinder John Deere engine with 7.6 l capacity. The engine has a JD stock block with new sleeves, a revised 55 Series JD cylinderhead with a camshaft from Jan Burggraf (New Generation Pulling Team) in the Netherlands, a counterweighted JD stock crank from the Neighbours Nightmare Pulling Team, special hardened rods from the USA and original JD pistons, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Holset HX 82 turbocharger with 4.1" inch intake wheel, a Veldhuizen Special Product
(VSP) injection fuel system, a VSP fuel pump and homemade fuel tank. The new John Deere engine was built by Chresten Christensen and Michael Simonsen, together with the help of the Hvilsom Pulling Team (Elkaer Metal Boy Light Mod) from Hobro in Denmark. The Hvilsom Pulling Team helped also them to find the right setting for the engine. The Stumper & Stykker Pulling Team learned a lot of new things and made some nice passes in Denmark during the season of 2017, but also had some damages, like the blown intake manifold at the Danish Championship finals in Brande.
But this week, before the report went online on the pullingworld website, I´ve got a very sad and shocking message from Michael Simonsen. They had a fire in their workshop in Viborg 4 weeks ago. The result was, the completely workshop with the Light Super Stock Tractor burned down. The John Deere Tractor was in the fire completely destroyed and is not anymore to rescue. It´s a hard setback for the Danish Team after all those investments during the last winter. We hope the guys find the force and the money to built a new Pulling Tractor in the future !!!!
Workshop and the Tractor after the fire

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