Thursday, December 07, 2017

New 600kg Modified Garden Puller of the Green Scare Team

From Ostbevern in Germany, the Green Scare Pulling Team are currently building on a new 600kg Modified Garden Puller Tractor for the 2018 season. Mathias Tewes started with the new project in Semptember of 2016. The new Tractor receive a new homemade 2mm steel wedge frame with a homemade ROP, a selfmade steering and a GM (General Motors) rearend.
The GM rear axle was shorted and received a GM differential with modified gears, a original center section and increased half shafts with modified gears. The gearbox of the Garden Puller comes out of an old Volvo Amazon car and has a rebuilt input and output shaft. The new ride also gets a homemade driveline with a self built steel driveline protection, a 3 disc Tilton centrifugal clutch with a size of 7.25´´ inch and a homemade steel bell housing. The new homemade fenders were made from aluminium. The German Team purchased for their new project a set of new polished Real Wheel rims with Cepek Giant Puller tires from the USA.
The new 600kg Modified will powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder VW VR6 engine with 2.8l capacity on methanol. The new power plant has a VR6 engine block with orginal sleeves, a stock crackshaft with original
VR6 rods and pistons, a revised VW VR6 cylinder head with stock camshafts, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Garret GT35 turbocharger with a homemade air intake funnel and a selfmade steel turbo protection, a stock oil pump, a homemade fuel tank with a FueLab 530 fuel pump and a KDFI control module.
The Green Scare Pulling Team will compete with their new Tractor in the German Championship next year. The maiden run of the new 600kg Modified Garden Puller is currently planned for the 14th of April 2018 in Holzheim, Germany.

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