Saturday, December 30, 2017

New MF 1150 Light Pro Stock in the US

From Salem, Ohio in the USA, the Warpath Pulling Team around Carlton Cope have built a completely new MF 1150 Light Pro Stock Tractor during the last winter. The new Light Pro got a new homemade chrome-moly tube frame with a self built chrome-moly Rollcage, a MF 1150 rearend, a homemade hydraulic power steering, a MF 1150 aluminium hood and original Massey Wheatland fenders. The new Massey Ferguson 1150 aluminium hood was built by Binderlite in Corydon, Indiana. The 1150 rearend has original planetaries carrier housing with costum built Profab planetaries, a stock Profab billet steel differential, a MF ring and pinion gear and Engler Tool & Machine built brake hats, rotors, and calipers. The Tractor also has a original MF transmission case with special made gears and shafts, a stock bell housing and a 12.5´´ inch Crower centrifugal clutch with 4 discs. The 1150 rearend, bellhousing, transmission case and axle housings were all custom modified by Profab Machine INC. in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Profab also have built the 3 speed gearbox for the new Vehicle. The Warpath Pulling Team bought for the new one a set of new polished Midwest aluminium rims with new cut Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires.
The new Massey Ferguson is powered by a turbocharged Perkins V8 engine with 540cui. on diesel fuel. The new power plant has a original V8 Perkins block with PowerBore sleeves, recast cylinder heads by Lemke Motorsports (New Generation Plus) from Helenville, Wisconsin, Victory valves and valve springs, Perkins camshafts with roller ground by Vogel MFG., a billet crankshaft by SIC (Southern Illinois Crankshaft, INC.), homemade rods and GMS (Gene´s Machine Shop) pistons, a IMCO fuel tank, a 16mm Columbus P-Pump, a Wimer turbocharger, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a 3 Stage Aviaid oil pump and a TS Performance data logger.
The first runs in 2017 were pretty well of the new Massey. The owner of the new MF 1150 Light Pro Stock is Dennis Goodman from Genoa, Ohio.

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