Thursday, December 28, 2017

Team Let's Try launches online magazine

The Dutch Mini Rod team ‘Let’s Try’ out of Dronten has launched something new in the world of Tractor Pulling. The team came up with a brand new team magazine called ‘Hemi Magazine’ and are the very first team to do so.

In this digital magazine everything about the team will be written down. ‘The reason for this is that we wanted to move on with the modern world of social media’. ‘We want to go forward. Not only with our tractor but also with our communication towards our fans and of course our sponsors’. So says the purple team. ‘In an online magazine it is possible to write down more information about the tractor, about the technique and the team itself. It just does not work to post a long story on a platform as Facebook for example’.

‘Our sponsors have helped us tremendously this season’ according to the team. A big backfire at the Power Pull in Made (NL) caused serious engine damage for the small team. To stay on track the team had the replace and repair almost every single component of the engine. Not only the sponsors were there for the team, also people of the Hemi V8 club supported with donations of 50 euros per year. ‘We want to do something for those people as well’.

The team goes on: ‘In Tractor Pulling sponsors are very important. We have a limited space on the fenders of our tractor so we need an other way to present sponsors, a magazine is a perfect solution for that’. As far as time goes, this is something unique within the NTTO and the Tractor Pulling world. Team Let’s Try is the very first team in Europe to present a complete digital magazine for sponsors and club members.

Hemi Magazine will be brought out twice a year for all sponsors and club members. For more information about the club and the magazine:

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